Spiced Vegetable Wedges

Looking for a simple way to give your veggies a “spice kick?” Try these SPICED VEGETABLE WEDGES, c/o Scrap Cook Meditate. Check out the recipe below & follow her awesome blog!



Look at these vegetables! You start to feel healthy just by looking at them!

I shared my blog with a co-worker at work and my online scrapbooking. She asked me when did I have time for all of this. I am actually backed up with my cooking because although I have cooked the recipes, I have not shared them yet. The same with my scrapbooking. I uploaded but haven’t finished some books or collages. I am making sure that this weekend I make time and do a few things for each of my passions!

It’s funny how when you’ve at home and your parents make you eat vegetables, you cringe and pray for the day you can be in your own home and just eat pizza and cakes all day. Then you realize how you do love vegetables and if you’re like me – you prefer them over just about…

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