Two Minute Guacamole

Who doesn’t like guacamole? … It tastes so yummy & filled with so many good things for you (Magnesium & Healthy Fats are two of them.) Did you know that Avocados are one of the most healthiest foods on Earth? With that being said, see recipe below! Try. Share. Repeat.


Inspired by Eating Richly


  • 1 Avacado
  • 1tsp juice from a Lime
  • pinch of Kosher Salt
  • pinch of Garlic Powder
  • pinch of Onion Powder
  • pinch of Crushed Red Pepper
  • pinch of fresh Ground Pepper

What To Do:

  1. Remove avocado from the peel. Discard the peel and pit, then mash the avocado in a bowl.
  2. Add remaining ingredients & Mix well.
  3. Serve immediately & enjoy with chips (Tostitos Multigrain chips are my fav), on a sandwich, or (if you’re into Chipotle) your Burrito Bowl. Never pay that extra guac fee again!!!!!

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